Airlines Sell Access to Inflight Passengers

Airlines have over 2 billion travelers a year with over 5 billions hours of contact time with consumers that control 50 percent of the world's disposable income. The majority of the airline travelers are not in frequent flyer programs, (~80%), and the only existing way for airline to obtain consumer value is during the reservation or check in time. As majority of travelers endure an insufficiency time, they do not engage with airlines during the reservation or check in time. This time is valuable time to passengers, and the vast majority of consumers view these activities as negative activities, it slows down commerce and reduces the value of the brands.

The most productive time is the inflight access time that passengers have during the flight experience. This time has limited value to passengers due to their restrictions on movements, and types of activities. ÆtherAds, with their partners are able to monetize this time by provide time sensitive, location specific relevant advertising to airline passengers. ÆtherAds' global partnerships with an advertising agency, such as Commission Junction, Thompson Aerospace for aircraft hardware, and 3Form Media for global media all provide a risk free guarantee revenue stream to airlines.

Why Advertise on an Airplane?

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