Flexible, Affordable, Effective, Quick updates, Low Production Cost and Feedback

Our technology and connectivity to the aircraft, enables updates within a short period of times. While current systems have 8 week lead times, our lead times can be as short as hours utilizing our web based technology. Common computer graphics and movie files keep production cost to a minimum. After each flight segment, usage is monitored and statistics are downloaded to our ground based servers.


30 second Banners are running at the bottom of each menu screens. These Banners can feature a click through ability to display full screen "Web like" page or video / infomercials to the passenger.


Full Screen Movies

Our System supports Audio Video On Demand functionality typical of In-Flight Entertainment Systems. Movies are displayed at WVGA resolution on a 8.5 inch screen. These movies can be interlaced with full screen advertising sections or the advertising sections can be shown in smaller windows on the bottom of the screen.



For merchandizing, our system features a credit card reader enabling internet like POS (Point of Sales) transactions.


Interactive Billboards

Passengers can click on information options/details with multiple layers of pictures and/or movies. Optionally QR codes are integrated and can be captured by passenger smart phones.


Video Announcements

30 second or longer advertisement videos / infomercials are interlaced within on demand movies and TV shows. We have a limited number of "forced view" video announcements that play during boarding, taxi and disembarkment over the cabin public address system. These "forced view" spots ensure your ad is seen and heard by all passengers.